Paula Fazlich

Pure art , crafted by pure soul...


I create lyric videos and short movies for years.
Here are some of my works, created with a lot of love and inspiration.
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Q& A:

1.What is the price for making a lyric video for me?
– Around 150$ per minute is the worldwide acknowledged price for a good lyric video making. Depending on your request, the price may vary (more or less).

2. Can you do it for free?
– Yes, I can, and I’ve done it a couple of times before.
But I would not do it this way anymore.
My time on this Earth  is precious enough so I can’t waste it for people I barely know or which are not respecting my work enough to pay for it.

3. Where do you take your video scenes from?
– I am a professional web designer and I own a lot of image and video databases with my own license, so I can literally use almost every image or video scene on the Internet. With that said, I also have a large wanderlust and love to walk among the woods on a regular basis , so some of the video scenes are actually taken by me (I guess you can recognize  them).

4. How long the process of creation will be?
– You’ll receive a preview link from 7 to 15 business days  after the day I receive your request & payment (50% before and 50% after the work is done). Have in mind that time depends on the duration of your music piece and other specifications of your request.


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