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Pure art , crafted by pure soul...


Eleven movements, telling a story about a beautiful nocturnal evening, full of romanticism and soulful dances.
It’s actually inspired by a vivid dream I had recently.
The music just appeared in front of me when I woke up.
All music is written and recorded in the last couple of days (and nights) at my home studio.
Pure inspiration at its finest…

All music & production: Æschild
Cover artwork: “Standing Woman” by Jean-Jacques Henner (c. 1903)


1.Appearing 02:41
2.Nocturnal Spell 02:54
3.Ghost Waltz 02:54
4.Seeking 02:44
5.Moon Fall 02:57
6.Ground 02:55
7.Arising 02:58
8.Elevation 03:01
9.Burning Souls 02:4410.Lake Dance 02:47
11.Nocturne (Тu es le maître de mon coeur) 02:48


Limited CD’s available (Only 13, hand numbered).
13Euro + Shipping

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